University of Virginia Alumna Shanon Nash Inspires by Highlighting the Achievements of Women Leaders

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Inspired by the remarkable leadership of a pioneering female figure, Shannon Nash, an alumna of the University of Virginia, is now bringing to light the journey of Black women ascending the corporate ranks in her latest film, “OnBoard.”

As both a film maker and corporate executive, Nash drew inspiration from Patricia Roberts Harris, the first Black woman in the United States to join a corporate board and later the first woman of color to serve in a presidential Cabinet role as the secretary of housing and urban development during the Carter administration. Describing Harris as a “trailblazer and pioneer who broke numerous barriers,” Nash, a graduate of the McIntire School of Commerce and the School of Law, is currently serving as the chief financial officer at Wing, an Alphabet company.

In her recent film showcased at the 2023 Virginia Film Festival, Nash chronicles and celebrates the yearlong journey of Black women’s accomplishments in the corporate realm. The documentary focuses on the global organization Black Women on Boards, which advocates for accessibility, visibility, and sponsorship for Black women aspiring to or currently serving on executive boards.

“I aim to produce films that shed light on important, often overlooked subjects – crucial matters where there’s a scarcity of content, but once shared, it becomes an indelible force for change,” Nash expressed.

In addition to “OnBoard,” Nash has also produced a documentary titled “Colored My Mind,” addressing autism, which received the Best Short Film Award at the 2013 American Pavilion.

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