Female Leaders Sparkle at the 2024 Women in DSO Empower and Grow Conference

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The landscape of dentistry is undergoing a transformation, both within the clinical setting and at the leadership level.

According to data from the American Dental Association and Pew Research Center, women now comprise 36% of working dentists, marking a significant surge from the mere 4% recorded in 1980.

In dental support organizations (DSOs), women are shattering barriers. Margaret McGuckin, MBA, broke ground in 2008 as the Chief Operations Officer of ClearChoice Dental Implants, a role seldom occupied by women in the industry. Fast forward to today, where over 900 leaders celebrated the appointment of Rahma Samow as the CEO of ClearChoice Dental Implants, with Samow also serving as a keynote speaker at the Women in DSO Empower and Grow conference held in Las Vegas from March 6-8.

Emily Letran, DDS, an executive coach and owner of multi-specialty group practices in southern California, commended the insights shared at the conference, emphasizing the resonance of shared challenges faced by women leaders worldwide.

For many female leaders, reaching the pinnacle of success often entails significant sacrifices, particularly in navigating the delicate balance between work and family life. Personal stories of challenges and triumphs were shared onstage and off, with discussions encompassing various aspects of life such as family dynamics, health concerns, and professional aspirations.

Ashley Bodien, Communications and Marketing Director at My Community Dental Centers, reflected on the profound impact of the conference, highlighting the meaningful connections forged beyond formal sessions. She emphasized the depth of discussions surrounding family, career aspirations, and the challenges of breaking gender stereotypes while managing multiple roles.

In essence, the Women in DSO Empower and Grow conference served as a platform for women in dentistry to share experiences, foster camaraderie, and inspire one another towards greater achievements.

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