Thailand Ranks Third in the World for Top Female Executives


Thailand experienced a 4-point increase in the proportion of women in senior management positions, with 41% of such roles held by women and 42% of surveyed companies having a female CEO or managing director. According to the Grant Thornton report, the Philippines has the largest proportion of women in senior management positions, with women accounting for 43% of top executive positions in corporations.

  • The Philippines has the largest proportion of women in senior management, with women holding 43% of top executive positions.
  • Thailand follows closely behind, with 41% of senior executive roles held by women and 42% of enterprises led by female CEOs or managing directors.
  • Filipino corporations have regularly fared high in prior polls, indicating a substantial presence of women in top executive positions.

Aside from the Philippines and Thailand, two additional Southeast Asian nations, Malaysia and Indonesia, were ranked seventh and tenth, respectively, in terms of the percentage of enterprises having female senior executives.
Thailand, with 41% of top executive roles held by women, also had the greatest percentage of enterprises with female CEOs or managing directors (42%), out of the 28 nations surveyed. This highlights the growing number of women in senior leadership positions throughout Southeast Asia, indicating encouraging progress toward gender diversity and inclusion in the region’s corporate sector.

Survey Highlights in the Philippines

The poll included 4,891 medium-sized businesses, and Filipino companies have regularly ranked well in past surveys, including second in 2023, fourth in 2022, and first in 2021 and 2020. This trend highlights the considerable presence of women in leadership posts in the Philippines, highlighting their important contribution to the country’s corporate landscape.

The countries with the highest percentage of corporations with female chief executives include:

  1. Philippines– 43.1%
    2. South Africa – 42.0%
    3. Thailand – 41.0%
    4. Turkey – 41.0%
    5. Nigeria – 40.6%
    6. Spain – 40.3%
    7. Malaysia – 39.6%
    8. Australia – 39.6%
    9. France – 37.9%
    10. Indonesia – 37.4%

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