CEO Dawne Morris, the Emerging Stalwart in Cannabis Leadership

Dawne Morris
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The number of women working in the cannabis industry has been slowly but steadily increasing in a field that is dominated by men. Women were up just 39% of marijuana executives nationwide as of 2023. As the CEO and co-founder of PROTEUS420, Dawne Morris is a Philadelphia native who embodies empowerment and leadership. Dawne, who was named one of Marijuana Venture’s Women to Watch, provides a distinctive viewpoint on the difficulties and possibilities faced by female business owners in the cannabis industry.

She said, “In male-dominated industries, women may encounter patronizing behavior or have their contributions belittled. This is not a reflection of their worth but a result of societal norms. Despite these challenges, I remain resilient and focused on my success. I rely on my knowledge and expertise to prove my capabilities. By staying true to myself, exuding confidence, and not allowing others to undermine me, I navigate male-dominated environments with ease. “

Dawne advises young women saying, “Know your facts, know your value, and make as many connections as possible. A support network of other women (and men) in the industry can be instrumental in finding new opportunities, solving problems, and just feeling like you’re not alone in your journey. “

She states that technology is at the core of the evolution of the industry, from AI budtenders to sophisticated extraction techniques, reflecting her opinions on innovations in contemporary business. In order to enable faster response times and more sales overall, processes are becoming more streamlined. ERP software is developing rapidly in our area of the market, yielding real-time data that facilitates compliance and reporting for all parties. Our industry is going to see a sharp increase in automation, which will free up more space for human-powered operations that cannot be replicated.

Dawne claims that although women account for a sizable share of cannabis users, they are underrepresented in leadership roles within the sector. Our distinct viewpoints, life experiences, and consumption motivations can all influence the decisions made by large corporations. Companies may make sure they meet customer needs and interact with them successfully by promoting women into leadership roles. The industry will only get more robust and prosperous as a result.

Her aspirational plans aim for greater heights. PROTEUS420 is pursuing expansion and innovation. She has a capable staff that monitors the market to foresee and satisfy consumer wants. She is eager to push the teams to stay on the cutting edge and maintain the current growth trajectory. Regarding her position within the organization, her goal is to be an inspiration to other women who are passionate about technology, cannabis, or both. Both sectors could use more female leadership as they are dominated by men. She intends to carry on giving speeches at gatherings and encouraging other women to pursue achievement in spite of all the obstacles in their way.

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