Nicole McNaughton Appointed New CEO of Food & Agribusiness Network


Nicole McNaughton, a seasoned FMCG marketer, has been named CEO of the Food and Agribusiness Network (FAN) after obtaining significant Government funding to further grow food and agribusiness tourism around the broader Sunshine Coast.

McNaughton expressed her excitement at being given the opportunity to represent the region’s food and agriculture industry as a dedicated advocate.

Since joining FAN in 2018, McNaughton has had the good fortune to collaborate with and get a thorough grasp of the several outstanding food, beverage, and agri enterprises that exist throughout our areas.

“I have worked closely with the team and key stakeholders and together we have been able to secure significant funding to implement plans and programs that have enhanced capabilities, created new opportunities and supported many of our members to scale and grow which makes me incredibly proud, and I am excited to be able to further build on this over the coming years.”

She furthered stating the next fantastic journey for our regions will begin with the successful acquisition of considerable money this year to promote and enhance expertise in food and agriculture tourism and launch a new accelerator programme.

It’s a terrific illustration of the work we do behind the scenes to connect and collaborate with important partners and stakeholders in order to provide opportunities and connections for our members and industry. We will continue to put a strong emphasis on raising awareness of our joint effort, which will further improve the reputation of our region’s food and beverage offerings, in collaboration with over 370 members, significant partners at all levels of government, and top research institutions.

Announcing the appointment, the Chair of FAN, Jacqui Price said, “The FAN Board is delighted to announce the appointment of Nicole as CEO.”

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