Digital Internship Programme Empowers Female Innovators in Overcoming Obstacles

It’s no secret that female founders still struggle more than their male colleagues to get their firms off the ground. The “gaping hole in support for funding women-led businesses in general,” as Nicole Cook, CEO of SBE Australia, the country’s leading organisation for assisting women entrepreneurs, puts it, has been made clear by new research, she adds.

Significant strides have been achieved in the business world by Steph Weiss, the founder of Arula, Tash Jamieson, the founder and CEO of Lockpick Games, and Danielle Owen Whitford, the founder and CEO of Pioneera.

They expressed with zeal, saying “At the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE), we are motivated by the conviction that entrepreneurship is a potent change-agent. Our Digital Internship Programme seeks to support this change by utilising the enthusiasm and ideas of aspiring entrepreneurs to assist three female-led startups in overcoming their practical business challenges.

At SSE, we want to equip more people with the knowledge and abilities to forge better outcomes and futures for themselves. Anyone who is eager to engage in lifelong learning, gain a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship, and build sought-after, transferable skills recognised through a digital certificate is welcome to apply for the digital internship programme. Everyone who completes this self-paced, cost-free programme receives a certified micro-credential.”

When asked what they enjoy most about running their own businesses, entrepreneurs tend to agree that starting a new venture gives them the chance to improve the lives of others. There are never two alike days. You get to design your own healthy business culture, assemble your ideal team, and launch what could turn out to be a lifetime career in innovation or leadership.

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