It appears that Remote Work will Continue, Especially for Women

It appears that Remote Work will Continue, Especially for Women

According to recent data from a significant government study, more than one-third of American workers are still working from home.

According to economic data released on Thursday that showed how Americans spent their time in 2022, working from home seems to be here to stay, especially for women and college-educated professionals.

The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) data indicates that the pandemic changes that disrupted work, family life, and social relationships are still having an impact on American society.

Unusually large percentages of white-collar professionals who stayed at home during pandemic shutdowns have returned to their jobs. Remote employment seems to be the new standard for many people. The survey revealed that women continue to spend more time caring for children than men do, and that most Americans are becoming more solitary.

Home-based work “is a permanent shift,” according to Julia Pollak, chief economist of ZipRecruiter. Now, a lot of businesses start off as remote-first businesses. According to her, the latest data represents a “continuation of what we’ve been seeing” in the American labour market.

The percentage of employees over 15 who reported working from home fell somewhat from the prior year to 34% to 69% in 2022. Because some of the workers in the study worked from home and at their place of business on the same day, the total share approaches 100 percent. The average number of hours per day that workers worked from home was 5.4.

Only workers with college degrees, particularly those with a bachelor’s degree or beyond, experienced the biggest surge in work from home, with almost 54 percent of them doing so in 2022.

Thousands of Americans are questioned each year as part of the yearly survey conducted by the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labour Statistics about their past-day activities.

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