CEW Trumpets Appointment of Amy Synnott as Chief Content Officer


The leading association for professionals in the beauty business, Cosmetic Executive Women, Inc. (CEW), is happy to announce the hiring of Amy Synnott as the Chief Content Officer. Amy will lead the creation and implementation of an interesting B2B content strategy in her new position, which will span all organisational areas, including digital, social, marketing, membership, development, and events. Amy will effectively communicate CEW’s vision and objectives to a worldwide membership base thanks to her significant experience and great leadership.

Amy has previously worked as the Executive Editor of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and InStyle, where she also spent a significant amount of time as the company’s Beauty Director. Amy coordinated high concept creative collaborations with some of the most renowned artists, musicians, actors, politicians, and activists of our time during the course of her more than 25-year career in the media. Her knowledge and commitment also led to her being nominated for three MIN awards, an ASME award, and the Fragrance Foundation’s annual Editorial Excellence in Fragrance Coverage award.

CEW President Carlotta Jacobson said, “We are thrilled to welcome Amy to the team. Her proven track record of success, innovative thinking, and deep understanding of the beauty industry make her the perfect fit. With Amy leading our content strategy, we will further cement CEW as the go-to resource for beauty industry professionals.”

“I am honored to take on the role of Chief Content Officer for CEW,” Amy said of joining the team at CEW. “This organization has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the beauty industry, and I am excited to contribute to its continued success. I look forward to developing a content strategy that educates, inspires, and connects our members on a global scale.”

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