Solidcore and Ambition founder Anne Mahlum Invests Strategically in Athletic Clubs

Athletic Clubs

Anne Mahlum, a well-known health and wellness entrepreneur and investor, has made a strategic investment of $150,000 in The Athletic Clubs (AC), a fitness start-up with headquarters in New York City and a pioneer in “squad training,” a novel method of group exercise.

“You have to offer something unique and effective to be successful in the fitness space and the AC’s does this,” said Mahlum. “The fact that you sign up for a squad and work out with that specific group of people at the same time is something no one else is doing in the fitness space.”

This partnership is the result of Mahlum’s in-depth understanding of the fitness sector and her aptitude for identifying creative businesses and deft Founders who share her purpose of enabling people to reach their health and wellness goals. Mahlum recognises the enormous potential within The Athletic Clubs, drawing on her unrivalled experience of revolutionising the fitness business.

“We’re thrilled to have Anne’s partnership to help us expand not only in NYC, but in additional markets starting in 2024,” said Dane McCarthy, Founder and Owner of the AC’s. “We’re very effective at building community, which makes our model very sticky. In fact, our month to month-month-month retention of members has never dropped below 95%. That is something we are really proud of.”

The three locations of The AC in NYC are West Village Athletic, Greenwich Village Athletic, and Williamsburg Athletic, each named after the neighbourhood they serve.

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