Single Mothers Extended Overseas Trips with Children: Insights

Single Mothers
Single Mothers

After experiencing loss and heartbreak, single mothers are finding healing and connection through travel with their children. The story highlights how single moms are increasingly turning to travel to bond with their children and discover new experiences together, often seeking out communities that provide support and engagement.

Roni Dagan, a single mother from Tel Aviv, Israel, embarked on a journey of exploration and adventure with her son Gal after her husband’s passing. She realized that the act of traveling itself brought them freedom and joy. Dagan and Gal have visited various destinations, from deserts in Egypt to the Greek island of Syros, seeking opportunities to work, learn, and play while immersing themselves in different cultures.

Boundless Life, a travel company specializing in “slow-traveling” experiences for families, unintentionally found resonance with single mothers and fathers. The company offers trips that include accommodations, coworking spaces, and schooling, creating an environment for both parents and children to grow and connect.

Alison Lewis, a single mother based in the US, turned to travel as a means of coping with her divorce and providing her son with new experiences. Traveling allowed them to bond and explore together, providing a sense of healing and growth.

Catherine Chinatree, an artist from the UK, embarked on a three-month trip with her child Sonny after separating from her partner. They found a sense of community during their travels and later joined Boundless Life for another journey to Sintra, Portugal.

These single mothers recognize the unique window of opportunity to explore the world with their children and create lasting memories. Travel not only offers a break from routine but also provides a space for personal growth, connection, and healing for both parents and children.

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