Jackson Sisters Form Indigenous Women’s Business Group

Jackson Sisters
Jackson Sisters

Michigan Tribe, a nonprofit organization in Jackson County, is on a mission to support women entrepreneurs. Founded by two sisters, Alex and Amanda, the organization has provided over $66,000 in micro-grant funding to 33 businesses since its inception in 2019. The idea for Michigan Tribe started with two simple questions: “What are you working on?” and “What can we do to help?”

Amanda, described as the visionary, and Alex, the integrator, joined forces to create Michigan Tribe with the goal of helping women business owners grow in Jackson. Recognizing the underfunding of women-led businesses, they decided to provide not only a sense of community but also funding opportunities. Michigan Tribe hosts events, offers resources, provides safe spaces for sharing struggles, and conducts courses to empower women entrepreneurs.

The organization’s impact is significant, having supported numerous women-owned businesses in Jackson County. With the belief that women need both community and financial support, Michigan Tribe has become a vital resource for local female entrepreneurs.

One of their unique initiatives is the annual Baby Business Shower, scheduled for October 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the Bloomfield Building. The event celebrates women who have started businesses in the last 12 months, likening the experience to starting a family. Similar to a traditional baby shower, attendees are encouraged to bring items to celebrate the new business owners, such as discounted services, helpful books, or notes of encouragement.

The Michigan Tribe’s approach goes beyond financial aid, emphasizing the importance of emotional support and a sense of community. By creating a platform for women to connect, share experiences, and uplift each other, Michigan Tribe continues to make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial landscape in Jackson County. To stay updated on Michigan Tribe’s events and initiatives, interested individuals can visit michigantribe.com or follow them on Instagram.

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