Government Allocates $3 Million for Female Entrepreneurs in Quebec


On Monday, the federal small business minister, Rechie Valdez, announced nearly $3 million in funding to support women entrepreneurs across Canada. The funding provided to the Ecole des Entrepreneurs du Quebec (EEQ) amounts to $2.7 million and aims to expand expert training programs for entrepreneurs. The EEQ, with eight campuses across the province, has been training and coaching women entrepreneurs for 37 years, focusing on start-ups and growth opportunities. The newly granted funding will allow the EEQ to replicate and expand its successful program, empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs across the country.

The EEQ has a track record of success in Quebec, having supported 1,200 entrepreneurs. Now, with the additional funding, the goal is to extend its reach to 1,800 women in six provinces: Quebec, Ontario, and the Atlantic provinces. The announcement comes during Small Business Week, emphasizing the importance of supporting small businesses, which make up 98% of all businesses in Canada.

Minister Valdez emphasized the significance of supporting women entrepreneurs, stating that small businesses are a crucial part of the economy. The funding is expected to create opportunities for women entrepreneurs to develop networks and exchange experiences, addressing challenges in today’s economy and business world.

During the announcement, two EEQ success stories were shared. Sonia Leveillé, after three decades in finance, pivoted to become a certified business coach for women with the help of EEQ. Genevieve Chloe Delage, another entrepreneur, started upcycling original fabrics and items, creating wearable art in the circular economic business. Both entrepreneurs highlighted the support they received from the EEQ in areas like marketing, sales, and business planning.

Overall, the funding announcement reflects the government’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, especially among women and supporting small businesses that play a vital role in the Canadian economy. The expansion of successful programs like those offered by the EEQ aims to empower and enable more women entrepreneurs across the country.

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