Helpware Executives Focus on Female Leadership and Philanthropy


The Women in Retail Conference will be attended by Rhonda Rohtstein, VP of Business Development, and Lora Ping, Director of Business Development. Helpware, a pioneer in BPO worldwide, is pleased to announce this. The occasion unites successful women from different parts of the retail sector, creating a community committed to leadership, professional development, empowerment, and mutual growth.

A vibrant group of women, including CEOs and those advancing in the corporate ladder, the Women in Retail network is bound together by a shared dedication to self-investment, knowledge exchange, and group achievement. Helpware’s four main pillars—Culture, Business Strategy, Social Impact, and the Helpcare Foundation—align with Women in Retail.

In order to promote employee involvement, leadership, and development, the organization fosters a culture of cooperation, respect, and diversity. Its business plan makes use of technology developments to improve client experiences. Helpware’s dedication to social impact is demonstrated by the good effects they have on the communities where they conduct business, as well as by their charitable contributions and philanthropic activities. These pillars closely correspond with Women in Retail’s guiding principles.

“My journey in the BPO industry has been incredibly rewarding and eye-opening, offering insights into diverse cultures and advancing opportunities for many worldwide,” stated Rhonda Rohtstein, Vice President of Business Development at Helpware. I’m honored to support Helpware’s objective of changing the world for the better. Being a part of this occasion that encourages women to take in leadership roles and drives change for a better society is an honor.”

“I’m dedicated to changing people’s lives for the better. I can accomplish that in CX, which is why I find this partnership with Women in Retail to be so significant. “Our shared values—which prioritize knowledge sharing, networking, and mentorship—are essential for empowering women at all stages of their careers,” stated Lora Ping, Director of Business Development at Helpware.

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