Chicago Booth Professor and Acclaimed Business Leader Alyssa Rapp joins the Global New Venture Challenge

As the faculty leader of the Global New Venture Challenge (GNVC), a special track of the New Venture Challenge program that serves Chicago Booth School of Business Executive MBA students globally, Alyssa Rapp has been appointed.

Rapp has been an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business for the previous three years, when he joined the program.

As part of her responsibilities, Rapp will oversee the GNVC’s rigorous classroom component, an expedited one-week program in which entrepreneurs draft and improve business plans, meet with mentors in the legal and professional fields, and make presentations to investors and judges. In addition to mentoring and coaching these entrepreneurs through the process, Rapp is in charge of collaborating with the Polsky Center staff to choose the program’s judges, coaches, panels, investors, sponsors, and guest speakers.

“Being an entrepreneur can take many different forms, but no matter which path you choose, knowing how to de-risk your journey often leads to the most success. For this reason, the GNVC and all of the New Venture Challenge tracks are extremely beneficial,” Rapp stated. It enables all of these businesses to carefully consider their business strategies, receive advice and understanding from professionals who have been there before, and develop their operations to become more competitive. It replicates every experience you have as an entrepreneur in a setting that is low risk yet highly influential.

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