Baltimore Businesswoman Pinky Cole Advice Female Entrepreneurs on Success

Former Executive Alliance president Karen Bond stated, “We never imagined the issues women face would be at the forefront, and they really are.”

The Executive Alliance assists women in overcoming obstacles such as discrimination in the workplace and disparities in compensation.

The organization held its Women of Excellence event on Thursday night to commemorate its 30th anniversary.

The event’s keynote speaker was Pinky Cole, a native of Baltimore and the creator of the multimillion-dollar Slutty Vegan brand. According to her, the existence of groups such as Executive Alliance is crucial.

“I get more excited and motivated about life when I’m in rooms and spaces like this with women who are in alignment, who have the same ethos, who have the same dreams and aspirations, and when I’m motivated and excited about life I can go out and conquer the world,” Cole remarked.

As the speaker, Cole talked about her own experiences growing her brand in just five years, from a food truck to a franchise.

Women had the chance to celebrate the accomplishments of the organization over the previous 30 years as well as each other’s successes at the event.

There are many diverse people in the room with you, and you can share ideas, experiences, and make new friends. And that’s among the most crucial things we can accomplish,” stated Sarah Mogol, the Executive Alliance’s incoming chair. WMAR sat down with Cole and asked her what advice she would give other women who aspired to succeed in business.

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