Charity Dinner: Budding Women Entrepreneurs Get a Boost from Established Businesswomen

Charity Dinner
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The “MY STEP” Charitable Foundation is orchestrating a philanthropic endeavor titled the “Successful Businesswomen Support Novice Women Entrepreneurs” charity dinner. This event aims to channel its proceeds towards supporting fledgling women entrepreneurs operating in the regions of the Republic of Armenia.

As per a press communique from the Foundation, the charity dinner is scheduled to unfold at ArmAs Winery on April 14. Attendees will be treated to a guided tour of the winery’s production facilities, alongside an exhibition and sale showcasing the products of novice women entrepreneurs.

The evening’s program will encompass captivating performances of Armenian traditional and contemporary dances by the ETHNO COLORS band, alongside addresses from both accomplished and emerging women entrepreneurs. Additionally, an exciting prize draw will be featured during the event.

Individuals desiring attendance at the dinner are required to procure a ticket priced at AMD 1,000,000. The entirety of this sum will be directed towards supporting a novice woman entrepreneur operating in the regions of the Republic of Armenia.

The event aims to develop a good networking of young women entrepreneurs where they meet other businesswomen from different fields, interact and exchange ideas. The established women entrepreneurs will unfold their business journeys with the challenges and risks mitigated. The event has also organized an exhibition that will showcase the products of the women entrepreneurs.

With the seats being limited, the Foundation requests to purchase the tickets before April 10, 2024. To procure the tickets, interested women can call 044 444 761 or send an e-mail to

The “My Step” Foundation will provide coverage of the charity dinner.

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