A 48-year-old American who gave up teaching now makes $38,000 a year living in Mexico and works only 15 hours a week

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Adalia Aborisade, a Gen X teacher, left her 20-year teaching career in Texas after feeling burnt out. Earning around $60,000, she had material success but worked over 60 hours a week, leading her to question her happiness. Following a divorce at 40, she decided to make a change and landed a technology integration director role in Honduras in 2016. After exploring different teaching jobs abroad in China and Kuwait, she fell in love with Mexico City during a visit and decided to make it her permanent home in 2020.

In Mexico City, Aborisade started her own business, “Picky Girl Travels the World,” offering financial coaching, relocation assistance, and retreats. In 2023, at the age of 48, she earned $38,000, less than her teaching income, but she sets her own schedule and limits work to around 15 hours a week. Aborisade finds the trade-off worthwhile, experiencing less stress and more positivity and joy in her life.

Leaving the U.S. to live abroad, she embraced the laid-back vibe, international airport, and walkability of Mexico City. Teaching jobs didn’t pay well in the city, prompting her to become a financial coach, launching her website, and creating a YouTube channel. She charges for one-on-one support for relocation and financial coaching, and her channel, “Picky Girl Travels the World,” has close to 20,000 subscribers, providing an additional income stream.

Aborisade finds her quality of life in Mexico City better than in any other place she’s lived. She spends her days exploring the city, visiting museums, trying new cafes and restaurants, and attending various events. Feeling safer than in the U.S., she appreciates the lower risk of random gun violence and police-related issues in Mexico City.

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