Women in the Energy Sector Have Launched a Business Directory

Business Directory
Business Directory

WEOG (Women Entrepreneurs & Organized Groups) Lagos has launched an initiative aimed at supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs in Nigeria’s male-dominated business directory. The initiative seeks to address the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, including financial difficulties resulting from the volatile Nigerian economy and gender discrimination that hinders their progress.

The organization recognizes that women-owned businesses often struggle with financial management skills and face the unpredictable nature of the Nigerian market. To address these challenges, WEOG Lagos is committed to providing tailored solutions and resources to empower women entrepreneurs to thrive in their businesses.

One of the key components of this initiative is the creation of a comprehensive directory that not only lists women-owned businesses but also provides valuable resources, training, and networking opportunities. The directory serves as a one-stop solution for women entrepreneurs seeking guidance, mentorship, and collaboration within a supportive community.

Joan Faluyi, the Managing Director of Offshore Dimensions and Chapter Director of WEOG Lagos, emphasizes that the directory is more than just a listing—it is a tool, a resource, and a community that aims to empower women entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Through this initiative, WEOG Lagos aims to break down barriers, promote equal opportunities, and support the growth and success of women-owned businesses in Nigeria’s challenging business landscape. By addressing the unique challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, the organization seeks to create a more inclusive and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country.

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