Women from Wexford Gather Funds for Research on Breast Cancer

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At the Duncannon Community Center, a Slimming World club hosted a Big Pink Breakfast that helped fund nearly €1,000 for Breast Cancer Ireland. Saturday group members dressed in pink for the event, which was planned by Yvonne Byrne, the coach for Wexford Town and Duncannon Slimming World. Participants enjoyed a get-together meal and social catch-up.

“We appreciate everyone’s thoughtful donations on the day. Every Saturday, I lead three groups, and each member brings their breakfasts that are Slimming World-friendly to share with the others. We made our donations, donned pink clothing, and had a lovely day learning,” Yvonne remarked.

She expressed her pride in every one of her members. Being the leader of this amazing group of individuals who banded together for this noble cause makes me very happy. As a team, we are making every effort to support anyone impacted by cancer, particularly those colleagues who are battling the disease day in and day out.

Putting money into research yields tangible outcomes. We now know more about breast cancer than we did a few years ago, from investigating ways to avoid the disease to understanding why certain families are more vulnerable. Every day, research is changing lives, enhancing care, and yielding better results. Research on breast cancer changes and saves lives.

The goal of cancer research is to create safe and efficient procedures for the detection, diagnosis, treatment, and, eventually, prevention of malignancies.

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