Waterford Welcomes Mentoring Center to Help Women Break new Ground in Business


A woman from Pontiac is continuing her mission to give back to her community.Eisha Branner’s non-profit, E-Community, is still in the early stages of its tale. However, she’s composing the following chapter in a soon-to-be-renovated area.

Branner intends to transform this office space into a gathering place for women attempting to leave their own legacy by this time next month.

“I have much to learn. I feel like we can learn together, even though I’ve begun something new,” she remarked. “I want to share that with other women.”

Eisha refers to it as the Working Center for Women in Business.The intention is for women who are starting their own businesses to connect and learn from other women who have already made their mark.

“I feel like when you come together and support one another, just magical things happen,” she stated. “I wasn’t alone when I came here. I was assisted by other women and businesses.”

The Pontiac mother of four founded her nonprofit organization, E-Community, out of her kitchen.It helps families in need by giving them clothes, baby formula, and other supplies.

She relocated her business to a West Huron shop, where she also plans to create the Women in Business Working Center.

“It’s like a hub, that’s what I want to create,” she stated. Like an area where, well, you know you need marketing? You have that; we have a woman who can take care of your needs. Then, introduce a few more community partners who I collaborate with, stating that there is a group of ladies in need of your assistance. How can we accomplish it as a team.”
According to Techreport, more women than males launched businesses in 2023 as they continue to push for pay equity and equal chances in the employment. This translates to almost 12.3 million women owning firms globally, up from just over 400,000 fifty years ago, and accounting for one-third of women-owned and controlled startups.

Eisha Branner thinks that by giving women in Oakland County a voice, she will assist them continue on their successful journey.

“And you can be a mom and still make it, you can be a single mom and make it happen,” she continued. “A degree is not necessary; you can still succeed in your endeavors. I therefore want to convey that to women in business.

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