Sue Williamson from York Nominated as Finalist for the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Sue Williamson
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Sue Williamson was pleasantly surprised to discover she had been nominated for a prestigious award without her knowledge. Colleagues at Tang Hall Smart CIC, including Carmel Appleton and Tony Gavin, secretly submitted the application on her behalf for the title of Yorkshire’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

After taking some time to reflect on the news, I’ve come to realize that it’s a positive development. Anything that brings attention to social enterprise is fantastic, and it’s humbling to know that the staff and directors at Tang Hall Smart believe I’m deserving of this recognition. Social enterprises operate with a dual purpose of achieving social or environmental goals while maintaining entrepreneurial principles. At Tang Hall Smart, our approach is entrepreneurial, yet our primary focus remains on making a positive social impact.

“It’s crucial for social enterprises to consider the broader societal impact beyond their immediate operations,” she emphasized. “Collaborative approaches and solutions that benefit the wider community hold as much significance as immediate gains.”

“Presently, I’m involved in two city-wide initiatives: the York Homelessness Partnership and the establishment of York as a ‘Social Enterprise Place.’ Both initiatives offer a pathway to potentially impact the nation as a whole.”

“However, the bulk of my attention remains on our core mission: delivering education and training programs in music and the arts to individuals disadvantaged by birth or circumstances.”

The Social Entrepreneur of the Year Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at York’s Hospitium on March 7th. Additionally, York Spark CIC has received a nomination in the category of best social enterprise.

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