Mecca joins with Pāpāmoa startup Pure Mama


Pure Mama, a skincare business that started in a Pāpāmoa garage, has achieved a significant milestone by partnering with Mecca, the largest beauty retailer in Australasia. The partnership is a major opportunity for Pure Mama, which specializes in pregnancy-specific skincare products. Founder and CEO, Lara Christie, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, having been a long-time fan and customer of Mecca. She believes that Pure Mama’s pregnancy skincare line will complement Mecca’s range of world-class products and support women throughout Australasia on their pregnancy and motherhood journeys.

Pure Mama was founded in 2018 when Christie, herself pregnant at the time, experienced difficulties finding pregnancy-specific body care products. Recognizing the need for such products, she embarked on a three-year journey to develop the concept, brand, and product line. The company launched online in May 2021, offering a range of products including belly oil, magnesium body rub, nipple butter, and a bump scrub.

Christie’s partnership with Mecca represents a significant achievement for Pure Mama, as Mecca is a prominent player in the prestige beauty retail industry. The collaboration required substantial effort and investment, but Christie’s determination and hard work paid off, allowing Pure Mama to secure this valuable opportunity.

Looking ahead, Pure Mama has ambitions to expand further into international markets, including the United Kingdom and the United States. The partnership with Mecca will undoubtedly provide a platform for increased visibility and growth, as Pure Mama’s high-quality, naturally derived products resonate with women on their motherhood journey.

Mecca’s general manager of merchandise, Isobel McNally, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting Pure Mama’s commitment to delivering top-quality products that support women in their journey through motherhood. The collaboration aims to bring this exceptional offer to Mecca’s discerning consumers.

Pure Mama’s partnership with Mecca represents a significant milestone for the small business, opening doors to a wider audience and propelling them further towards success in the skincare industry.

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