Liza Altena: Navigating the ClimateTech Frontier

Liza Altena
Liza Altena

Unveiling the Visionary Drive of a Passionate Entrepreneur!

Right from space explorations to scientific discoveries, we as humans have always explored things that were once only imagined. Here, things become much easier if we have a leader who understands what’s needed to bring about a meaningful change. Thus, someone like Liza Altena goes beyond her limits to get things for her team at repath. Liza has created a culture from the ground up, like keeping things simple than what’s already in place. Either way, it all boils down to having a people-centric leader like Liza always at your side.

Liza is not your typical entrepreneur. At the age of 33, this German business leader is deeply passionate about areas that extend far beyond traditional corporate landscapes. Her journey into entrepreneurship has been marked by a profound commitment to authenticity, growth, and a tireless pursuit of meaningful impact, particularly in addressing the urgent challenges posed by climate change. Here’s more to her story.

From International Business to Diverse Experiences

Liza’s academic journey led her to the field of International Business and Management, where she pursued her studies in Holland. However, her appetite for diverse experiences compelled her to explore beyond the confines of traditional academia. She ventured to live, study, and work in various countries, including China, Indonesia, and Norway. These experiences exposed her to different cultures and ways of thinking, enriching her perspective on life and business.

A Unique Set of Core Values

Liza’s life is guided by three core values: honesty, authenticity, and growth. These values serve as her compass, directing her behavior and decision-making. Honesty, in Liza’s view, is the foundation for effective communication. She believes in cutting through ambiguity and being direct in all interactions. When you engage with Liza, you can expect candid and straightforward responses.

Authenticity is another key pillar of Liza’s value system. In a world often masked by business personas, she advocates for the power of authenticity. She is open about topics that are often shrouded in silence, such as mental health, therapy, and the impact of the female cycle on business performance. Through her openness, she aims to destigmatize these issues and inspire others to embrace their true selves, both personally and professionally.

Growth is the third value that fuels Liza’s journey. She revels in challenges and views pushing boundaries as an essential component of personal and professional development. Her enthusiasm for growth is further fueled by her experiences in therapy and coaching, where she continuously learns about herself and life. For Liza, growth is not just a professional pursuit but a personal one as well.

Championing Authenticity and Female Leadership

Liza’s unique position as a female leader in a male-dominated industry provided her with opportunities to challenge established norms and advocate for authenticity. She recognized the importance of being true to oneself in a corporate world often characterized by masks and pretense. By embracing authenticity, Liza not only gained visibility and respect but also became a catalyst for change. She inspired others to discard outdated “business masks” and encouraged them to bring their true selves to the forefront.

Enabling Society to Adapt to Accelerating Climate Change

Two years into their journey, repath is diligently working toward its purpose: “We enable society to adapt to accelerating climate change. Now.” The organization’s automated software solution transforms complex climate data into actionable insights. It helps organizations understand, analyze, and effectively manage future climate risks associated with their operations, assets, and locations.

repath’s platform aggregates intricate climate data into easily understandable results, providing organizations with a clear picture of their overall portfolio risks and detailed asset and location risks. This knowledge serves as the foundation for building resilience and adapting to a changing climate.

Building Resilience in a Changing World

In today’s world, the urgency of addressing climate change has never been more apparent. With climate action failure and extreme weather events identified as two of the greatest risks facing our planet by the World Economic Forum, organizations across the globe are recognizing the need for comprehensive climate data and resilient solutions. Amidst the complexity of climate data and mounting reporting regulations, repath has emerged as a pioneering solution that translates intricate climate data into actionable insights, enabling organizations to understand, analyze, and effectively manage and adapt to future climate risks associated with their operations, assets, and locations.

The Challenge of Accessing Climate Data

Organizations today face a significant challenge in accessing accurate and understandable climate data. The fragmented nature of climate data across various sources creates hurdles for businesses striving to build climate resilience. Moreover, the increasing reporting regulations add another layer of complexity to the landscape. In this context, repath stands out as a solution that embodies scientifically profound and reliable approaches, offering organizations the tools they need to navigate these challenges and promote sustainable growth.

Turning Climate Data into Actionable Insights

repath’s mission is crystal clear: to empower organizations with the knowledge they need to tackle future climate risks effectively. This involves translating intricate climate data into easily understandable aggregated results, providing organizations with a comprehensive view of their overall portfolio risks and detailed asset and location risks. This knowledge becomes the bedrock upon which organizations can build resilience and adapt to a changing climate.

A Multi-faceted Solution for Diverse Needs

repath’s innovative platform serves various critical use cases. For organizations planning to expand or establish new locations, repath’s solution offers a powerful tool for assessing potential sites future climate risks to include that parameter in the decision-making process . By assessing the risks associated with specific locations, businesses can make informed decisions about where to establish their operations, maximizing their potential while minimizing risks.

Another vital use case of repath’s solution is risk management. By helping organizations understand their exposure to various climate-related risks, repath enables them to take proactive measures to mitigate potential threats. This proactive approach allows businesses to stay ahead of the challenges posed by climate change and take necessary actions to avoid or minimize their impact. It also helps identify sales and product opportunities, providing valuable insights into the sustainability and resilience of production sites over time.

A Scientific Approach for Reliable Insights

At the heart of repath’s success lies its commitment to a scientific approach. Utilizing cutting-edge ensemble methods and a wide range of climate projections, repath quantifies uncertainties and provides organizations with the most accurate and robust insights into potential climate-related challenges. This commitment to scientific rigor ensures that repath’s clients have access to reliable information that empowers them to make informed decisions.

Purpose-Driven Approach to Recruiting

At repath, the approach to recruiting and retaining talent is deeply rooted in the company’s purpose and core values. The organization recognizes that attracting and retaining the right individuals is crucial in fulfilling its mission: “We enable society to adapt to accelerating climate change. Now.” This purpose resonates with individuals seeking meaningful work that contributes to a sustainable future.

Core Values and Culture

The core values at repath – Impact, Happiness, Teamwork, Growth, and Creativity – serve as the foundation of the organizational culture. They guide decisions and behavior, fostering an environment where individuals align with the company’s values and mission. The culture embraces principles of NEW Work, with a focus on Purpose, Self-Management, and Ownership within a psychologically safe setting.

Balancing Remote Work and In-Person Interaction

While the organization appreciates the benefits of a remote work setup, it also recognizes the value of in-person interactions. To strike this balance, l organizes quarterly “all hearts & brains” events in the picturesque countryside surrounding Hamburg. These events offer opportunities for cultural enrichment, transparent feedback, and visionary alignment. Beyond work, the team engages in team-building activities that strengthen the bond between the organizational culture and the overarching purpose.

Diversity as a Strategic Imperative

Diversity is not just a buzzword at repath; it’s a strategic imperative. The team has witnessed firsthand how a diverse range of expertise enriches collective intelligence and fuels innovation. Team members highlight the significance of diversity for their professional and personal growth.

Perks and Benefits

The organization recognizes the importance of providing meaningful perks and benefits to its team members. Currently, every team member enjoys access to a €1000 development budget, a yearly Bahncard for convenient travel, and a well-equipped home office setup. Looking ahead, repath plans to introduce a week-long ‘workation,’ where the entire team, including family members, can work from an inspiring location. There are also plans to offer coaching and therapeutic services to support the team’s well-being.

Additionally, repath grants Virtual Stock Options (VSOP) to each team member, providing them with a stake in the company’s long-term success. This not only enhances motivation but also fosters a sense of collective ownership, aligning individual contributions with the company’s success.

Compliance and Workplace Regulations

Compliance is taken seriously at repath. The organization works closely with legal experts to ensure that its practices align with labor laws and regulations. Internally, clear regulations have been established that are designed for ease of compliance, reflecting the company’s commitment to maintaining a respectful and compliant workplace. These regulations are shaped by the principles of ownership and self-management.

In conclusion, repath doesn’t merely offer jobs; it provides careers with purpose and significance. The organization cultivates an environment that values individuality, celebrates diversity, and prioritizes mutual growth. This unique combination makes repath an appealing workplace and a destination for top talent who share the commitment to addressing climate change and creating a sustainable future.

Leadership, ClimateTech, and Startup Wisdom

Area 1: Leadership Advice

“Based on my experiences, one of the cornerstones of effective leadership is attentive listening combined with deep empathy. In the ever-evolving environment we navigate today, leadership isn’t about directing; it’s about inspiring and fostering an environment that champions innovation and nurtures adaptability. The role of a leader is not merely managerial; it’s transformational. It’s vital to embody the very values you hope to see in your team. Instead of simply managing, strive to guide. Instead of giving orders, coach. Ensure that there’s a two-way street for feedback. Mistakes will and must be made, and it’s essential to own them and learn. Always remember, it’s not just about achieving targets or milestones; it’s about the people you work with, upholding your core values, and displaying tenacity during challenging times”.

Area 2: Industry Insights

The ClimateTech Industry is emerging as an essential arena, and while many recognize its significance, not all grasp its urgency. But it’s imperative. My suggestion is to immerse yourself deeply into understanding the nuanced needs and challenges of the specific sector you’re diving into. Cultivate relationships and be a beacon of knowledge for your clients. It’s crucial to recognize that not every organization is on the same page when it comes to understanding the gravity and immediacy of climate-related issues. There may be times of frustration, but it’s important to keep the bigger picture in mind. We’re in the calm before the storm, and when the wave of realization hits, you must be prepared to offer solutions.”

Area 3: Startup Founder Wisdom

The journey of a founder is akin to a roller-coaster—filled with exhilarating highs and challenging lows. “Anticipate fluctuations rather than a linear path to success. Encountering obstacles is not just likely but inevitable. Embrace failures, but more importantly, absorb the lessons they bring. Success is not a sprint but a marathon, demanding consistent dedication and a never-give-up attitude. Be mentally prepared to grapple with feelings of uncertainty, moments of doubt, and even existential fears. However, amidst these challenges lies the beauty of creation, innovation, and transformation. And in the end, when you look back, you’ll realize it was all worth the ride”.

Achieving Excellence and Partnering with Industry Giants

repath has experienced significant milestones and achievements throughout its journey. One notable accomplishment was winning the E.ON Start-Up International Grid Challenge. In the highly competitive climate risks category, repath emerged victorious, outperforming competitors from across the globe. This achievement not only brought recognition but also led to the acquisition of prominent customers, including E.ON and its subsidiary, such as Schleswig-Holstein Netz.

However, the success story doesn’t end there. repath also secured victory in the Planet Tech Extreme Weather Event Challenge held in Israel. This win added another renowned name to its list of clients in the energy sector: enel. These accomplishments demonstrate repath’s excellence in addressing climate-related challenges and its ability to garner recognition and partnerships with major players in the industry.

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