Keemala: Escape the Mediocre. Experience Your Own Paradise

Samornpun Somnam
Samornpun Somnam

Imagine a place where you are being healed by the nature, experiencing a pleasant environment, and are far away from your everyday work; an atmosphere where your senses are all working together in harmony, a luxurious and serene experience that you dreamt of!

Keemala delivers you that experience with an all-pool villa wonderland set in the rainforest of Kamala, Phuket. An architectural marvel blended with the natural surrounding and a flavour of Thai culture. Located in the scenic beauty comprised of hills within the lush woodlands, Keemala offers you a luxurious ride in the evergreen paradise.

Keemala is a uniquely designed resort with an eco-conscious ethos. Its 38 villas are romantic cocoons that evoke a dramatic sense of escape. All four villa types are different but equally extraordinary, from tree houses that seemingly dangle from the greenery to nomadic tent structures with quirky traveling chests awaiting the next adventure.

A Rejuvenating Experience

At Keemala, the hospitality service comes from genuine commitment to luxury alongside local, sustainable lifestyle. Guests are enticed to step beyond the villas to immerse in a world of nature and the basics of living.

Begin the day with mindful meditation in a cave under the waterfall, or stroll in the garden with rescued water buffaloes and goats. Learn to cook signature Thai dishes with organic ingredients harvested straight from the earth and onto the table and appreciate the resort’s ‘towards zero waste’ food cycle program which ensures a truly environment-friendly and sustainable way of life.

Although guests visiting Keemala generally prefer to ‘detox’ from their digital lifestyle to immerse in nature, modern technology has become an integral part of everyday comforts and conveniences. From quality entertainment hubs within the villas to powerful wi-fi connections, and now to meet with ‘new normal’ remote working trend, it is vital that luxury resorts such as Keemala must offer these modern services to its visitors.

Zealous Brain Behind the Story

Raised in a traditional Phuket family, Samornpun Somnam, aka Tarn, the Executive Director of Marketing at Keemala, cherishes family values and believes that ‘gratitude leads to success in life’, especially gratitude for the foundation that her family has built for her generation.

In joining her family business and creating the Keemala concept, Tarn envisioned a resort where guests can ‘rebel against their hectic lifestyle and slow down to enjoy nature and local culture’. By showcasing Phuket’s tropical woodland splendor alongside preserving Thailand’s longstanding traditions and cultures through the Keemala way of life, she hopes to contribute to making Phuket a sustainable destination.

Braving the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic put a complete stop to Phuket tourism for almost two years. Even though the hospitality industry could rely on its domestic market after international travel ground to a halt, soon after the effects of COVID-19 eventually impacted domestic travel which led hotels through ups and downs until now.

A great lesson learned by many businesses has been the value and importance of our domestic market. Many have had to re-establish their brand positioning to better capture local interests, redesigning experiences to better fit preferences of this new sector, and even learn how to adapt to Thai culture and Thai customer service.

The Success Mantra

Tarn advises the young entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the hospitality space saying, “Stay true to your passions, personal values, and lifestyle so that you may create meaningful and genuine experiences for travelers. And as a priority, really think what sustainability means and how you can ensure commitment to this.”

Towards New Horizons

Talking about her future endeavors, Tarn says, “We will continue to be committed to sustainability and curating unique, environment-friendly guest experiences through our gastronomy, spa offerings, and more. We believe that we have found a well-balanced position where we can cater to both local and international travelers, which will enable us to be resilient and adaptable to whatever may await in what still remains an unpredictable future.”

Shining Feathers in the Cap

World Luxury Hotel Awards 2020 – Global Winner: Luxury Boutique Resort

World Luxury Spa Awards 2020 – Regional Winner: Luxury Eco Spa

SLH Awards 2020 – Resort Hotel of the Year

International Hotel Awards 2019-2020 – Winner: 5* Small Luxury Hotel for Thailand

AHEAD Global 2019 – 2nd Runner Up: ‘Landscaping & Outdoor Spaces’

The Awards for Hospitality Experience and Design (AHEAD) is hosted by the prestigious Sleeper, the leading international magazine for hotel design, development, and architecture. On selecting Keemala, AHEAD judges commented that “The landscaping of Keemala has created truly memorable experiences for everyone who stays there. The natural way it integrates into its environment, with guestrooms nestled into the jungle surroundings, was considered respectful and restrained.”

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