Kavitha Srinivasan – From Tragedy to Triumph

Kavitha Srinivasan
Kavitha Srinivasan

Embracing Uncertainty to Achieving Success

Sometimes, the end of something marks the beginning of something new and better.

Change can be both thrilling and intimidating, but when faced courageously, it can often lead to wonderful opportunities. While it is natural to feel a sense of loss when something comes to an end, it is also important to remember that this may be a gateway to something even better. The saying, “when one door closes, another one opens,” speaks to the idea of new beginnings, providing hope and inspiration to many of us.

Whether it’s the start of a new career, relationship, or a fresh start in life, the prospect of something new can be both exhilarating and daunting. But when the end of something creates the opportunity for something new and better, the possibilities can be limitless.

And that’s what Kavitha did—she embraced change and allowed herself to be open to the possibilities of the future.

Kavitha Srinivasan is an inspiring example of resilience and ambition. At the tender age of 17, she faced a devastating loss when her mother passed away after a battle with cancer. Despite the overwhelming grief, Kavitha stepped up to the challenge and took on the role of mother to her siblings. She showed immense strength and determination, proving that with hard work and dedication, even the darkest moments can be overcome. Kavitha stands as a testament to the power of the human spirit.

Her mother’s departure marked the end of some dreams while at the same time the beginning of new ones. Despite her father’s unwillingness to fund her education, she was determined to pursue a career in neurosurgery, but had to settle to study Lab Technology. With a positive outlook, she enrolled in a technical school to gain the skills necessary to achieve her dream of being in healthcare. While being in this field she built skills & positively moved ahead towards her ultimate goal of owning her own business. After years of hard work and motherhood, Kavitha was presented with an opportunity when her brother called from India with a project in need of funding. At 26, she invested in her first business, a franchise of a renowned computer education brand, and Kavitha has been unstoppable ever since.

Kavitha’s journey is a truly inspiring one – from aspiring to achieve her dreams to become a prominent business leader. With roles ranging from CEO, Global Head, COO, and Vice President, to Assistant Director, Kavitha has gained invaluable knowledge and experience along the way. Today, she is the Founder & CEO of K&S International FZCO, an organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and start-ups promote their products in the global market.

Her success is a result of her unwavering faith in the Supreme and in herself, a source of positivity and strength that has kept her going throughout her journey. Kavitha’s remarkable journey is a testament to her resilience and determination to reach the heights of success she has achieved today.

As we close one chapter and look ahead to the exciting opportunities that await us in the next, let us take a moment to reflect on her journey.

From Humble Beginnings to Unstoppable Ambition

Kavitha comes from a humble background – born into a typical Indian middle-class family with a traditional upbringing. But, from a young age, she has been ambitious and determined to go above and beyond the expectations of her peers. She has an unwavering passion for achieving success, measured by her own standards, not by the normal societal yardstick. In her own words, she compares herself to Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a spring, or someone who is unfinished – for she believes that she is never truly done until she has fully accomplished her goals.

As a start of a long and tumultuous journey, she spent the first 16 years of her life growing up in India. But, due to unexpected and unfortunate circumstances, she and her mother, a cancer survivor, along with her siblings, had to make a sudden move to New York at the age of 17. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, her mother was diagnosed with metastatic cancer and given only three months to live.

Even after treatments, it was a losing battle, and at the tender age of 17, she lost her beloved mother. Her death marked the end of many dreams and the start of many new ones, albeit different ones. She took on the role of a foster mother to her own siblings overnight and no longer pursued her own dreams in order to provide for her family. Though she was determined to pursue a career in Neurosurgery, her father was unwilling to fund her education; thus, she had to accept her destiny and reluctantly shelved her dreams.

Kavitha was faced with a difficult life situation, but her positive outlook encouraged her to pursue a career in the medical field. She enrolled in a technical school and eventually qualified as a Lab Technologist, allowing her to build the skills she needed for her ultimate goal of running her own business. After years of hard work and motherhood, Kavitha finally got the opportunity she was looking for when her brother presented her with a project back in India that needed funding. She invested in her first business at the age of 26, becoming the owner of a franchise of a renowned brand in computer education in India. Since then, there has been no stopping her.

In 1996, she returned to India with a determination to pursue a life of entrepreneurship. Over the next 12 years, she faced countless challenges that could one day be worth writing a book about which she did indeed through her first book, ‘Unfinished-A woman’s Tryst with Destiny,’ which sold over 600 copies and she plans to rewrite it with a fresh outlook again. She started Aptech Computer Education, a business that opened up a world of opportunities, and later ventured into software development and computer education in schools. She also established two KPOs dealing with medical transcription and revenue cycle management. In between her business ventures, she held senior leadership positions in various organizations, with roles such as Business Head, Global Head, COO, Vice President, and even a brief stint as Assistant Director in a University and Director of Corporate Excellence in an Edutech organization.

Spread across 31 years; she has come a long way as a professional, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience that has culminated in the formation of K&S International FZCO with her amazing partners. Her dream of creating an organization that focuses on strengthening and supporting entrepreneurs, unique innovations, creating a global presence for products, contributing to economies, and social entrepreneurship while erasing boundaries to unite people of different countries is what K&S stands for. K&S prides itself on having diverse leadership with a vision to support products and people that make a difference and a passion for achieving success in business.

As an entrepreneur, employee, and business leader, she used every opportunity to grow professionally. She read books from business gurus, attended workshops and conferences, and drew from the insights of her children, students, and mentees. Their challenging questions and diverse perspectives pushed her to think outside the box and hone her skills.

When she returned to India and joined the Marketing Team, she was ready to take on their most difficult challenge: to increase sales, which she did by a whopping 400% in the first quarter. She used her unconventional ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to turn the team’s marketing efforts around, ultimately achieving the goal.

One of the highlights of her career was her drive to provide an exceptional customer experience, which she learned during her stay and professional journey in the US. She knew that happy customers become their best ambassadors, and this mantra had served her well, even before User Experience became a topic of interest in boardrooms. Her advice to every employee or mentee has always been the same: “Take care of our customers, and they will take care of your business.” She believes that employers and employees alike are customers, and if you maintain a good relationship with them, you will be remembered. Even after 32 years, her first employer in New York still remembers her very fondly.

Throughout her journey, she has been a highly succinct observer, but personally, one filled with enriching, evolving, and enchanting experiences. Her successes are a testament to her unwavering faith in the Supreme and in herself – a mantra that has been her source of positivity and strength. She is immensely grateful for all of the people, organizations, and experiences that have made her the person she is today. Without them, she may have been just another forgotten story.

Erasing the Lines Between Classes and Creating an Ecosystem of Success for Everyone

K&S International FZCO is not just an organization; it is a place that nurtures and cultivates dreams. Here, brands are built, barriers are broken, and ambition takes flight. They are a General Trading company that provides a platform for entrepreneurs to take their products to the global stage and for disruptors to make their mark.

“At K&S International FZCO, we believe that entrepreneurs have the power to create a better world—one that erases the lines between classes and gives everyone the respect they deserve. Here, we are creating an ecosystem that inspires people to follow their dreams and be their own success stories.”

To this end, their vision is to be a chosen global outreach partner for entrepreneurs and start-ups across the globe, starting with India and Pakistan. Their mission is simple and straightforward: to be the face of entrepreneurs across developing countries, helping to sell their products globally and build economies by creating employment opportunities. At the core of their mission lies the need for every leader to create a leader, something deeply ingrained into their DNA and something they strive to do.

She has been lucky to be associated with incredible partners who have fully believed in her talent, skill, knowledge, and capabilities. Through her journey as a corporate professional and as an entrepreneur, she has faced numerous challenges and has overcome many hurdles. These struggles have made her more adept at finding solutions for other entrepreneurs and helping them to grow. Notably, she was selected to represent her state as a woman entrepreneur in the Commonwealth-India Business Meet, where 105 women entrepreneurs from 37 countries participated.

At a recent meeting, entrepreneurs and start-ups revealed the many challenges they face. One of the most pressing issues is the lack of access to financial institutions to fund their ventures. Additionally, brilliant products and innovations from start-ups are often overlooked due to their inability to market themselves effectively or find international partners. Even when these products are bought, their founders often receive little credit or financial benefit. It was clear that most entrepreneurs struggle to get fair market value for their work and lack the communication and marketing skills necessary to become globally established. This opened up a discussion about how to overcome these obstacles and create a more equitable environment.

“K&S is committed to building a platform for global innovators and their products, providing them with commercial value, access to increased manufacturing capacity, and financial stability. Our visionary leader has leveraged her international exposure and corporate expertise to develop a strategy that begins with launching products in the UAE and gradually expanding to other markets around the world. We are not limiting ourselves to any one region, and our products tackle existing problems related to the environment, healthcare, wellness, nutrition, and technology. We aim to give these innovators the opportunity to succeed, both financially and in terms of recognition, on a global scale.”

With vast experience in the fields of healthcare, technology, learning, and consumer products, she is responsible for introducing new and innovative products to their offerings, as well as developing the overall business strategy, go-to-market plans, price points, and client engagements. Her role within the organization is crucial, as the future of the company depends on her ability to recognize, discover, and introduce products that the world desires to own or be part of. In addition, she provides support to aspiring entrepreneurs who need help marketing themselves. Her expertise and knowledge are the driving force of the organization’s success.

She is always on the lookout for innovative products or those that have a USP addressing world problems. She also loves contributing to health, wellness, nutrition, and the environment. Through this interview, she hopes to encourage start-ups to reach out to her if they are looking for support to exhibit their products internationally.

The UAE, and especially Dubai, she believes has amazing leadership with a foresight that provides undaunting support and infrastructure for entrepreneurs. With its welcoming attitude, Dubai is an ideal place to start an entrepreneurial journey. She looks forward to having a journey that she can someday write another book about, as she believes anyone can achieve their goals with the right support and resources.

They have recently acquired exclusive distributorship for an IoT-based machine, a revolutionary disruptor in the street food industry, which will be branded and marketed as “G4z” globally. With an impressive strategy, they aim to take street food from their subcontinent to a global level, akin to some of the well-known brands that exist around the world. They are confident that this innovation will be an instant success everywhere it is installed. In addition to that, they have two other products, Klay’Awani, a clay product line with a unique twist, and Ta’arjah, a luxury swing range that promises an incredible experience. They have an ambitious outlook and business plan and are confident of achieving tremendous success through their endeavor.

Having experienced and delivered the entire 360-degree process of a product cycle from marketing to service, this current stage in her professional life has been an incredibly enriching, enchanting, and exhilarating one. She has made great inroads in her business but still faces challenges that she must overcome in order to continue making progress.

Achieving Greatness With Passion and Refusal to Recognize Negativity

She is an exemplary leader and a passionate worker, passionately believing that work is worship. Her never-ending optimism and refusal to recognize negativity have been her greatest strengths since she began her career. She takes a methodical approach to every task, first assessing the job and then creating a detailed plan for execution. To minimize roadblocks along the way, she consults her mentors and embraces collaboration, recognizing that a collective effort yields greater learning and better business decisions. For her, nothing is impossible with heart, mind, and soul.

“Leadership is a great responsibility and requires aggressiveness, passion, and love for the team. It also demands insight to provide direction, implement plans, and motivate others. Leaders are made, not born, and this requires a lifetime of self-study, education, training, and experience. I am dedicated to continuing to work towards becoming a great leader, one who leaves a lasting legacy that inspires people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. To be successful, a leader must possess energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and a willingness to take calculated risks. These attributes have earned me recognition throughout my journey. With dedication and a commitment to excellence, I know I can become the leader that my team deserves,” she quotes.

Kavitha firmly believes in the power of constant self-assessment and improvement. With over 31 years of experience as an entrepreneur and in senior leadership roles in the corporate world, she has refined her skills in business development, sales cycle management, customer relationship management, user experience, product management, and operations and resources management. She has developed an eye for detail and a razor-sharp focus that allows her to quickly identify solutions and adjust strategies when needed. This saves time and energy that would otherwise be spent on damage control. Kavitha is passionate about building product-oriented teams, improving customer experience, and being an effective leader.

Product management in organizations is critical for fostering collaborative relationships, ensuring partner success, and creating a positive customer experience. To ensure success, it is important to be proactive and conscientious by respecting the customer’s needs, meeting timelines, and appreciating the skills of the operations team. Customers expect to receive what they are looking for, and if they are served something else, it can have a negative impact on their experience. To ensure the operations team is productive, recognize what skills they have and enhance those that they lack. Doing so will ensure top-of-memory recall and strengthen partner relationships.

A leader is always focused on the strengths of their team, and they strive to align their tasks in order to maximize productivity within the organization. They also work with their client partners to help them delegate responsibilities in an efficient and organized way. This ensures that the organization is able to serve its customers better and meet their needs. By appointing the right person for the right job, the team can work together in harmony, allowing them to be more efficient and responsive to customer needs.

She believes in the importance of rewards and recognition as a leadership tool and encourages partner organizations to follow suit. Everyone deserves to be appreciated, and she is a huge proponent of this art. She goes the extra mile to appreciate everyone she encounters who is striving to fulfill their dreams. It is essential to recognize the effort behind a person’s pursuit of success since failure is only one step on the path to success. As Thomas Alva Edison famously said, he found 10,000 ways how not to make a bulb. She is a positive thinker with faith in the Creator and the power of the Universe and works to inspire others with her beliefs.

Unveil a New Age of Innovation in the UAE Market

K&S International is more than just a General Trading organization. “We provide products with an ‘oomph’ – innovative, niche, and disruptive products that we source from our partners around the globe. We strive to ensure that these products get the fair market value they deserve and that they reach the widest possible audience. With our expertise in the field of international trade, you can trust that K&S International will help you achieve the highest quality results,” she proudly states.

One of the standout features of their organization is that all three of the products that they offer are designed with a specific niche in mind. Their first product, an IoT-based machine, is a disruptive force in the South Asian street food industry. Their second and third products are unique to the home decor and kitchen range and have a lot of potential for success here in the UAE and beyond.

Their ultimate goal is to create a unique and distinct presence in the market, as South Asian food is often overlooked in the fast-food space. Their aim is to make South Asian street food the talk of the town as the world continues to embrace and adapt to the flavors and culinary delights of this region.

If you take a closer look at the US, UK, or other Western markets, you’ll find that the richness and flavor of Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi cuisine are highly appreciated. This was the experience of our founder CEO when she visited the US and the UK – the locals there enjoyed their Chicken Tikka, Mutton Tikka, and other dishes from South Asian cuisine. However, South Asians themselves often turn to popular fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC due to a lack of familiarity with their own cuisine.

At South Asian Street Food, she believes that Indian and Pakistani street food has huge potential to become a global phenomenon. Through their mission, K&S hopes to become facilitators in creating entrepreneurial opportunities to bring South Asian cuisine to the world.

With a vision to support start-ups and entrepreneurs and a mission to create more leaders, they are excited to launch their first product in a Franchisee or collaborative model. Not only does this provide an opportunity for those with a passion for extra income or entrepreneurship to invest in a business with a strong return on investment and a supportive market, but it also allows those with a regular job to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

“Our goal is to provide a platform for those with a unique niche to come together, learn, and grow. With our Franchisee or collaborative model, we are confident that anyone can become a successful entrepreneur and make a positive impact in the world.”

Having said that, their menu carries something that is very adaptable and passionate about food for people from the subcontinent. They have kept their initial investment to a minimum, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in their business model and be hand-held through their journey until they can be on their own. Their goal is to facilitate entrepreneurs to get on the path to success by providing them with the necessary instructions during onboarding. The unique selling point of their model is that with a low estimated turnout, one can reap the rewards within a period of 3 to 6 months, provided that all the instructions are followed accordingly.

An Unforgettable Experience

Speaking about technology advancements, the G4z team are not manufacturers—but their story is tied to the product they now market. From the moment it was created, she has been personally associated with the manufacturer, and its launch in India was a surreal moment.

G4z is now looking to make Gol Gappa, a beloved snack in the Subcontinent, a global sensation. They are not only looking to bring comfort food to people all over the world but also to bring the taste of India to their tables.

So go ahead and try G4z’s Gol Gappa—you’ll be sure to enjoy a taste of India that is truly unforgettable.

“Whether you’re a child or an adult, you’ll love the experience of this delicious treat! Grandparents, in particular, will be delighted, knowing it’s served in a hygienic way and free from waterborne infections. We want to create a sensation just like momos, burgers, wedges, and French fries have, making it a place people love to visit and come back for more. Think of it as fritters served with a spicy and sweet sauce seasoned with amazing spices that tantalize and please the taste buds. Delicious, safe, and unforgettable – it’s an experience you can’t miss!”

With the global pandemic emphasizing the importance of hygiene and sanitation, the manufacturers of this innovative product are excited to revolutionize the industry. Extensive research has revealed that water contamination and poor hygiene are the primary causes of infections and stomach illnesses. With that in mind, they set out to create a product that not only disrupts the industry but also tackles an important problem and they are thrilled to bring something so unique to the world through K&S International FZCO. Their product offers a safe and hygienic solution that is served manually in many countries.

This carousal-based machine offers a sensor-based action that dispenses 15 mL of either spicy or sweet water, depending on the chosen flavor displayed on the LCD screen. Customers can easily select their preferred flavor from the five nozzles. In addition, the LCD screens can also be used to run ads or stream videos for customers’ entertainment as they enjoy their favorite dishes.

This revolutionary invention is the first of its kind in the world, and it is launching first in the UAE! We’ve had an incredible response in the pre-launch stage and are now looking to partner with F&B outlets and open our own outlets as part of our journey to make our franchise a global brand. Join us on this exciting journey to revolutionize the world.

Having said that, they keep looking forward to finding products that leverage technology to enhance or disrupt markets. With a healthcare background, she is currently in dialogue to acquire a disruptive product for the healthcare industry in the coming months. She believes that technology is something that cannot be avoided, and its advancement and use in every area of business create sustainability and profitability. For her, she has used technology as a boon, never allowing it to become a bane of her existence.

31 Years of Success

Her journey in the manufacturing sector may be short, but her journey in business and corporate has spanned 31 years. For her, speaking about her experience is one of her favorite questions to answer. It gives her a chance to thank organizations for the opportunity to express herself and to speak on behalf of entrepreneurs around the world facing similar challenges. Although some succeed earlier than others, she encourages everyone to find success in failure, believing that failure means having the chance to discover how not to fail. Above all, her faith in herself, the Supreme powers, and the tasks that lie ahead are what drive her to look at the glass as ‘Half full.’

Not all of us as leaders have the opportunity or courage to speak our minds or represent others. We understand how daunting it can be to step outside of the traditional, comfortable role of an employee and instead become an entrepreneur. That’s why we believe readers who choose to read these interviews are of utmost importance.

There are the naysayers who always believe that things are impossible, the go-getters who believe “Impossible” spells “I’m possible,” the amazing ideators waiting for a story or signal to inspire them to take action, and the fence sitters who are watching to decide if they should bet on the winning horse. By reading interviews of entrepreneurs like them, they will come to realize what it takes to make the transition to entrepreneurship and how difficult it can be to break away from the norm.

When someone finds the courage to take a leap of faith out of their comfort zone and embark on a journey that is full of unpredictable possibilities and impossibilities, they should be applauded for their daring. Along this journey, one of the most challenging aspects that they may encounter is securing funding for their projects, whether it be from a financial institution or investors. Despite the uncertainty and risk of success or failure, they have the courage and confidence to take a chance and pursue their dreams and goals. With the right determination and ambition, they can push through any obstacle and achieve what they set out to do.

Kavitha finds it appalling that institutions expect a two-year business track record to be eligible for funding. She believes that if an organization survives two years successfully, it should already be self-sufficient and not need funding so desperately. It is start-ups and entrepreneurs like them who have excellent ideas, strategies, or products but lack deeper pockets or a legacy to fall upon who truly need the funding.

During this part of her entrepreneurial journey, she looks forward to the chance to help people avoid the same frustrating, demotivating, and aggravating experiences that she faced. She has noticed that people have lost faith in the power of faith, but she’s grateful to have been supported by people and organizations, especially those of the opposite gender, who have respected and continue to support her in her endeavors. She hopes to use her experiences to help people succeed and achieve their own goals.

She is truly blessed with incredible partners who provide her with immense support, respect, confidence, and inspiration for how people can coexist in a positive and nurturing environment. Through the various experiences that she has encountered, she has grown into the leader she is today, with the ability to speak to media companies and create a success story. She is deeply grateful to the Supreme and the Universe for putting her through these journeys and shaping her life.

“No matter who you are and where you come from, it is the skills that matter. It’s all about talent, intellect, knowledge, and skill, and gender bias should never be accepted,” she exclaimed.

One of the most beautiful experiences for her has been with colleagues who respect all this in her. She has been lucky to have amazing partners in her new venture, and they have both provided a great foundation for her success. They have given her the confidence to reach for the stars and the knowledge to stay grounded.

As a leader, it is important to draw from your experiences and strive to become the best version of yourself each day. After all the pitfalls, disappointments, and haranguing experiences she has faced, Kavitha still gets a secret, sadistic pleasure from proving people wrong. Each experience has made her a better person and a better businesswoman and has taught her to have faith in herself, faith in the Supreme, and the capacity to read her own book. As a leader or an employee, Kavitha believes this is one of the most powerful messages she can impart at this time: no matter how many times you fall if you have faith in yourself and the Supreme, you can rise like a phoenix.

Form Strategic Brand Collaborations and Partnerships to Reach New Heights

When it comes to partnerships and brand collaborations, every business should strive to join forces and work together; as the saying goes, “Unity is strength.” When businesses come together and recognize the power of each other’s products and brands, success is much more attainable. That’s why the organization is looking forward to collaborating with existing brands in the F&B sector, home improvement industry, and healthcare industry to take their products to the next level. By combining resources and tapping into each other’s know-how, both parties can reap benefits far greater than by working alone. So, remember: when businesses collaborate, they can grow larger and achieve greater success than ever before.

As a newly established organization in the UAE, they strive to build strong partnerships and collaborate with top brands to gain a foothold in their industry. Above all, they recognize that the customer is King and have structured their business plan, project planning, and strategy accordingly to ensure an exceptional customer experience. Moving forward, they look forward to continuing to support partnerships and working to further their presence in the market space.

With their business model, they are committed to helping their partners achieve a rapid return on investment without any regrets or disappointments. They are focused on providing ongoing support, innovation, and re-invention, while also helping their partners to re-invent themselves by constantly revisiting any potential missteps. Ultimately, their primary goal is to ensure that every business owner associated with them achieves their desired success.

A Remarkable Story of Perseverance, Passion, and Achievement

From the young age of 19, she embarked on her professional journey in New York, where the standard of professionalism was unparalleled. Despite the sudden loss of her mother and the lack of financial support, she never lost sight of her goals and worked hard to pursue her dreams. Her lack of access to a proper education due to her status as an immigrant could have been a hindrance, but she pushed through and enrolled in a Diploma program. After graduating with honors, she had the opportunity to start off at a laboratory – beginning her remarkable career.

When she started her career, her first goal was to be the best employee, and she knew success would follow. She was always reminded of a wise statement from her mother: The words of Martin Luther King Jr. resonated even on her deathbed, “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.” She could never express enough gratitude for her mother’s advice, which she has followed diligently. This has made such an impression that her first employer in New York still fondly remembers her to this day.

“When her daughter relocated to New York after 22 years of her being there, she was so excited to call her and share the incredible news: ‘Mom, you are a legend! The entire laboratory remembers you after 22 years, and your ex-bosses said you were one of the best employees they had ever had – and none have come like you since. Even the newest employees recognized me as Kavitha’s daughter and said the entire lab knows you to this day! That’s some amazing accomplishment!’

This surreal experience was a reminder of how her first job shaped her into the best version of herself. She constantly upgraded her knowledge and skills to be the best she could be, and it certainly paid off.

Her second job was at a renowned laboratory, Enzo Labs in New York City, where she had the privilege of learning from their Senior Vice-President, Mr. David Goldberg. Aspiring to be a business leader since she was a young girl – a dream that was not yet fulfilled – she was challenged to develop the skills she would need. Fortunately, she was able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Mr. Goldberg, having long conversations with him whenever possible and gaining vital insights from his confidence in her and the professionalism with which he conducted himself. It was an amazing experience that inspired her.

She had always been sure that until this date, he was completely unaware of how profoundly he had impacted her life and how he had unknowingly groomed her to become the leader she was in the following years. Her work at the New York office was so remarkable that she was awarded the Employee of the Month award in recognition of her commitment to going above and beyond her role. Nothing made her mentor, Mr. Goldberg, happier than this. Her experiences in New York, both positive and challenging, had made her a stronger person and kept her dreaming of one day being on the cover of a business magazine as an inspirational business leader.

At 26, she finally had the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, setting up a business venture from the US inIndia. However, communication between the two countries was nearly non-existent, as the internet revolution had not yet impacted India. Her only feasible option for communication was traditional international phone calls, a method that seems archaic today. Despite the significant challenge of a lack of communication, she was still able to make her business venture a success.

During her career as an entrepreneur and leader in senior management, she has faced many challenges due to a lack of skilled labor, lack of professionalism among employees, poor ethical practices, cumbersome bureaucracy, and lack of support in terms of funding and policies. Despite these problems, she has managed to use her experiences, challenges, and struggles to find solutions and bring about change. She has an unsurpassed passion for finding solutions to any problem and will never rest until she does, which she attributes to her experiences and drive to overcome them.

She came up with introducing campus hiring to overcome the shortage of skilled labor and has been extremely successful. It is imperative for organizations to realize that if each one of them looks for skilled labor, the entire brood of new graduates can never rise up to the occasion and become skilled. One must open doors for newcomers and fresh blood to enter the organization and train them to be the best at their job. She believes ardently in the proverb, “You can feed a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; you teach him how to fish, and you feed him for life!” Some functions no doubt will need skilled labor, and most of the lower-level entry positions can accommodate fresh graduates training them to be assets. In this experiment, you may lose quite a few, but you surely will retain a few diamonds, and one of the advantages is that they do not come with baggage and are a clean slate for you to write upon, for you do not have to strive to get them to unlearn what they have learned.

Her journey as a bootstrapped entrepreneur taught her how to succeed despite any challenge she faced. Even in today’s business environment, she has maintained that same drive and determination. Their biggest hurdle was having investors trust in and back their business, as the world is often full of doubt and discouragement. However, with unwavering faith in herself, her goals, and the power of the Universe, she was able to make her dreams come true. She is now proud to be supported by partners who have an unshakable belief in her vision, talents, and capacity to make her business a success. This is a truly remarkable and humbling feeling that she cannot put into words.

The lack of support and difficulty in finding like-minded associates can be disheartening, but persisting in their mission can help them go far in life and their career. Today, as she reflects on her journey, she is humbled and thankful for the experiences and challenges that have come her way. She has transformed herself into a phoenix, always rising from the ashes, due to her unwavering faith in her spiritual guide, the master of her soul, and in the Creator.

The pandemic presented a unique set of challenges for the workforce, business continuity, user experience, customer retention, and more. But for her, this was an opportunity to prove the feasibility of remote working. Getting employees, vendors, and suppliers to adhere to timelines was a challenge, but she rose to the occasion with empathy, compassion, and a hands-on attitude. She showed that tough times require tough decisions, and a leader must be the one to lead from the front. Her success in this endeavor is an inspiration to us all.

Today, as she sits in the UAE reflecting on the past year, she knows her journey of starting a business and relocating here has not been easy. Someday, this story may be worthy of a book. But, she is most grateful to the two amazing men who have joined her in this venture and are helping to make “G4z” a sensational global brand in the fast food world. She hopes to not only create successful business collaborations but also to foster new entrepreneurs in the years to come.

One of the most important things an entrepreneur looks forward to is having people who believe in them and their dream. This unshakeable faith and focused perseverance are what guarantee success. As a business leader today, she has gained a wealth of knowledge in topics such as project management, financial management, employee management, business development, strategy, personnel management, operations, HR, and IT. Her team knows that when the odds seem insurmountable, she will roll up her sleeves and make it happen. This combination of expertise and unwavering faith is the key to success.

The 31-year journey as a professional and entrepreneur has been one of highs and lows, but ultimately an amazing, thrilling, and exhilarating experience for her. Though it has taken a huge toll on her personal life, health, psyche, and relationships, she has absolutely no regrets about any of the decisions she has taken or events that have happened – because it has shaped her and made her who she is. This path has not come easily, but she can narrate it with pride, knowing that she wouldn’t change a thing.

She believes that the support she has received from her spiritual guide and God has been essential in her journey, as knowing there is a Supreme power gives her the faith and strength to believe in herself and in what she stands for. One of the most important lessons she has learned is that being a good leader means leading by example and not giving orders. To be a better employer and leader, she understands that it is important to first be a better human being, and that can only be done by reading and understanding oneself.

Explore yourself and embrace your unique identity. Find out what your purpose in life is, why you are doing what you are, and play the script you have written for yourself instead of following someone else’s. When you do this and plan accordingly, you will understand that we are put on this earth to help and support each other, not to compete or bring harm. As a leader, it is essential to be accountable, conscientious, and responsible – Perfection is not achievable, but with each new day comes the opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

No Dream Is Too Big to Achieve

She is an ambitious businesswoman and envisions herself on the cover of Forbes magazine, not as a wealthy woman, but as an enterprising and inspiring business leader. She knows the road ahead won’t be easy, but she’s determined to prove to young people that no obstacle is too great to prevent them from achieving their dreams.

They’re starting with UAE as their first launch country, and in the years to come, they hope to expand their franchise and products to the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore, among other countries. With hard work and dedication, they’re confident they can turn this vision into a reality.

As leaders on board, they look forward to soaring like eagles on the flight to success. She looks forward to collaborations from across the globe and believes that their business model, which offers a return on investment within the first year of operations, makes them an ideal partner and investment. Rather than speculation, she would rather demonstrate her potential through her actions. She encourages others to be more receptive to projects that are out-of-the-box, unconventional, and disruptive, as there are many cases of people who have proved successful despite facing naysayers. She looks forward to the same potential for her own pursuit. The sky’s the limit!

Encouraging Words from a Young Entrepreneur

She encourages people to keep an open mind when listening to entrepreneurs and to avoid being judgemental, condescending, or discouraging. Everyone’s journey is unique and not to be discussed or speculated upon by those who haven’t walked it. It’s easy to dismiss any business idea as something that won’t work, but it’s important to remember that the Universe will make you eat your words if the person has stayed positive and full of faith despite the challenges they’ve faced. If you don’t have anything positive to say, the best course of action is to remain silent – words can have a powerful effect, for better or for worse. They can either be like a bouquet, a wreath, or a garland – mending, scarring, or scalding, depending on the situation.

She constantly shares the messages she receives from the Universe, believing it is her duty to leave a legacy of her experiences and thoughts. This is reflected in her upcoming book, “Midnight Musings,” a collection of odes and quotes written during her spiritual exploration. She is also thrilled to be launching their IoT-based machine, “G4z”, in April, and expanding their franchise outlets to Dubai, UAE, and beyond. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to never give up on their dreams and keep pushing forward to reach the finish line and begin a new journey in life.

With a sincere request, she humbly asks financial institutions and investors to be more supportive when a start-up reaches out to them for help. She envisions them coming up with creative solutions and ideas to help entrepreneurs on their journey.

In this article, she would like to thank all those who have been with her on her long journey: coworkers, mentors, leaders, naysayers, family, and friends, both those who have been supportive and those who have been critical. Each of them has shaped her into the person she is today – a seagull in flight.

With immense gratitude and respect, she gives her heartfelt thanks to the Almighty, her Spiritual Guide, the Master of her soul, and her incredible partners at K&S International FZCO. The unwavering support, belief, trust, and strength they have provided is the elixir that has enabled her to embark on this new journey until we meet again on the world stage, au revoir!

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