Jenna Ben-Yehuda to be Executive Vice President of Atlantic Council


The Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project’s president and CEO, Jenna Ben-Yehuda, has been chosen the Atlantic Council’s new executive vice president, the organization said today. In September, she will step into the position.

Ben-Yehuda has a breadth of knowledge and demonstrated leadership. A fluent Fresh speaker, She worked for the US Department of State for more than ten years in a variety of intelligence and policy positions throughout the Western Hemisphere, including as US Special Operations Command, US Special Operations Command, and senior military advisor to the US Northern Command. She has held executive positions in the private sector as well, and she has worked tirelessly to advance gender equality in the fields of national security and foreign policy.

Frederick Kempe, the President and CEO of Atlantic Council said, “We are delighted to welcome Jenna to our leadership ranks. Throughout her career, Jenna has worked to galvanize US leadership and engagement, in concert with allies and partners, to solve global challenges. From her work at senior levels at the State Department to advising combatant commanders and her tenure at Truman, she has been a change agent.”

Jenna expressed, “In a world beset by a range of complex, interlocking challenges, the ability to reimagine the systems of governance and partnerships required to forge a peaceful and prosperous future will rest with those organizations for whom innovation and dynamism are native languages. The Atlantic Council is such a place. Its creative and agile promotion of constructive leadership and engagement make it an essential forum for ideas and action and an indispensable shaper of the global order of tomorrow.”

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