Fiona Doyle Named President of the Network Ireland Branch

Fiona Doyle
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The Limerick branch of Network Ireland has named a new president in an effort to support women in business in the region.

This week, Fiona Doyle was named president of the Network Ireland branch in Limerick by Karen Ronan Brosnahan, who is leaving the position.

Ms. Doyle has extensive experience in sales and marketing. She is a primary school teacher, businesswoman, and trained personal stylist.

Ms. Doyle expressed her gratitude for the position by saying, “It is an honor to be elected President of Network Limerick, Ireland.” Being a part of a vibrant, expanding network of like-minded women, such as the one we are lucky to have in Limerick, is a fantastic thing right now.

“My goal is to strengthen that network and assist women in Limerick City and County to support other women in their businesses and careers.”

As president of Network Ireland Limerick, Fiona will be in charge of advancing the goals and objectives of the organization, attending national executive meetings on behalf of the Limerick branch, and ensuring the seamless operation of monthly events on the local front.

“We are excited to welcome Gina London, the founder and CEO of Language of Leadership Ltd. and a former CNN journalist who won an Emmy, in January.” The incoming president said, “Gina’s highly interactive presentation will give attendees the chance to learn about the power of their own presentation and connection with others.”

“I can’t think of a better way to start our New Year than by improving our interpersonal communication skills. Throughout the year, we’ll also feature panel discussions, motivational guest lecturers, and a display of our own members.

After recently reaching the 100 member threshold, Ms. Doyle said, “It is my mission to keep building on the amazing work that the previous presidents before me have done. I would hope to increase membership in 2024 while retaining our current members.”

Eve Stafford, a soprano singer, has been named vice president for the upcoming year.

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