Etavele Solutions’ CEO, Vallye Adams, was named the year’s most influential businesswoman


Vallye Adams, the founder, and CEO of Etavele Solutions, has been recognized as the Female Non-Profit Consultant & Auctioneer of the Year by Acquisition International this month.

In 2020, Adams established Etavele Solutions with the mission of assisting nonprofit organizations in achieving their fundraising and mission advancement objectives. The company specializes in providing expertise in fundraising, event development, and expansion strategies. With over a decade of experience in national fundraising leadership, Adams and her company foster relationships that enable organizations to boost their fundraising efforts, broaden their mission impact, and engage their communities. Notably, Adams is also a licensed auctioneer and confidently leads fundraising appeals from the stage.

Acquisition International, headquartered in London, presented its 8th Annual Influential Businesswoman Awards to recognize women who are driving forces behind innovation, change, and empowerment. The awards acknowledge individuals who have shown determination, authenticity and a commitment to both their businesses and society as a whole. AI takes pride in the credibility of its awards, which are solely granted based on merit to commend individuals for their exceptional work and distinguish them from their peers.

Adams, featured on page 56 of the AI Influential Businesswoman Awards winner’s supplement, has an intriguing personal journey. Despite starting as a scholarship winner and eventually dropping out of college, she overcame significant challenges, including severe depression. Through persistence, Adams transformed her life trajectory and emerged as a national director for an international nonprofit, raising millions for various causes. Additionally, she has succeeded as a female entrepreneur, a licensed auctioneer, a consultant, a multi-international bestselling author, and a revenue growth expert. Her expertise lies in assisting nonprofit organizations in optimizing their funding potential, refining their events, and advancing their missions.

In her book “Yes I Can!: 16 Success Secrets from Inspiring Women,” Adams shared her recipe for success, emphasizing the empowerment that stems from recognizing and harnessing one’s strengths rather than conforming to external expectations. She believes that by identifying and leveraging individual strengths, individuals can unlock their full potential and achieve their desired goals.

Upon receiving the prestigious AI Award, Adams expressed her joy and pride, stating, “I am proud to be even considered for an international award, but most importantly, I am incredibly honored to be represented alongside such inspirational and powerful women. To see these women business leaders from around the world being recognized is something I’m most proud of.”

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