Cinnamon Wealth to Create Financial Freedom for Women’s Financial Empowerment

Cinnamon Wealth recognizes the pivotal role women play in uniting and sustaining families. Founded by Anurita Emmanuel, an entrepreneur and dedicated mother, the company advocates for women’s active involvement in shaping family financial decisions, acknowledging them as contributors and beneficiaries of family wealth.

Anurita, its Founder, believes that financial literacy goes beyond numbers and investments; it is a fundamental asset for ensuring a family’s economic security and well-being. Her conviction was strengthened during the pandemic, witnessing how families’ neglect of personal finances exacerbated their challenges.

Anurita emphasizes the importance of all family members, especially women, participating in decision-making about personal finances. This involvement empowers women to take charge of their financial destinies, securing a life marked by both security and personal freedom. It serves as a potent instrument for women to safeguard not only their individual futures but also those of their families.

An entrepreneur with diverse experience, Anurita has founded ventures like Cinnamon Beauty and has been involved in entrepreneurial endeavors across Southeast Asia and India.

Vijay Emmanuel, Co-founder of Cinnamon Wealth, shares the vision of creating a financial ecosystem where women are not just clients but actively engaged in financial decision-making, both personally and professionally. With 27 years of experience in financial services, Vijay has led global acquisitions, crafted intricate financial structures, and transformed opportunities across Asia, the Middle East, the UK, and Europe in previous roles at Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, and Standard Chartered Bank.

Cinnamon Wealth is committed to bridging the participation gap for women in managing personal finance within their families. The company curates process-driven investment opportunities to facilitate informed financial decisions and foster financial independence. Rejecting the notion of thresholds, bars, or ceilings, Cinnamon Wealth encourages individuals to initiate and consolidate their journey towards financial independence.

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