Ciara and Other Female Business Executives Impart Leadership and Financial Guidance

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On October 26, over 170 female entrepreneurs, company owners, and C-suite executives convened in Denver for the JPMorgan Chase PowerHER event. The power of authenticity in participants’ personal and professional lives was the theme of the event’s panels, workshops, and inspirational speakers.

The event, which was held at the Denver Art Museum, promoted candid conversation about how women should balance life and work, and many attendees shared personal anecdotes of their struggles. Executives from JPMorgan Chase provided practical guidance while hosting guest speakers in sessions on entrepreneurship and financial wellness.

“Taking charge of your finances allows you to take charge of your life,” stated Kiley Baker, a J.P. Morgan Private Bank executive director and banker. We are dedicated to bringing about change by identifying and supporting business-driven women, and it is with that belief that we lead this event.

Ciara, a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, was a special guest. She talked about goal-setting and urged women to have no fear in pursuing investors and business ideas.

“You need to be confident because people will hear you so much better. It’s okay if being confident comes across as offensive,” she said. Since you are the only one who can make the change for yourself, think clearly and logically.

During a fireside chat with Elle Bruno, J.P. Morgan Chase Commercial Banking’s executive director of technology and disruptive commerce, Ciara suggested that women in business surround themselves with visionaries who can offer guidance during challenging moments in both business and personal life.

“It’s crucial who you talk to and who you learn from when you’re vulnerable in life,” Ciara stated. “I’ve experienced times of hardship when things didn’t go as I had hoped, but those times occur when you’re striving for greatness.”

“Every scar you have in life is a sign of your beauty; the truly beautiful things are the imperfections that seemed so terrible at the time they occurred,” the speaker stated.

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