100 Bold and Sassy Quotes For When You’re In The Mood

100 Bold and Sassy Quotes For When You’re In The Mood

by Mimi on May 16 2021

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Sassy is typically used to describe someone who is bold, high spirited and perhaps a bit cheeky. She may be a little sexy and provocative. It’s all these characteristics rolled into one person.

Some people may mistake a truly ‘sassy’ person as being a ‘b*tch’ but that’s due to the strength of character. The difference is that ‘sassy’ people can be strong willed, provocative etc and still be likeable.

And even if somebody doesn’t like you for being sassy who asked that person to approve of anything you do or feel anyway?

If you’re in the mood to be bold confident and a little savage, own in just like this list of 100 bold and sassy quotes!

100 Best Bold And Sassy Quotes 

Sassy Quotes On Self Love

1. “I want more. I deserve more. That’s my final answer.” 

2. “Some people only come into your life to show you what love is not.”

3. “You were my cup of tea but I drink champagne now.” 

4. “High standards protect me from low quality experiences.” 

5. “Currently creating the      woman I want to be. Excuse me while I become super selfish with myself, my time and my energy.” 

6. “I’m who I needed this whole time.” 

7. “Please don’t touch my golden soul with your dirty hands, thank you.” 

8. “Don’t be afraid of the solitude that comes with raising your standards.” 

9. “I let go of anything that no longer serves me. I am open to a new way of being. “

10. “Make yourself a priority.” 

11. “Love yourself first because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.”

12. “I am not built to suffer. Not in a job, not in a relationship, nor a friendship. Bye!” 

13.” How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

14. “I love myself. Anything that has my name I’m tickled to death.” – Barbara Corcoran 

15. “I’ve met my higher self and I love everything about her.” 

16. “I love you, but… I love me more.” 

17. “Aren’t you glad you stopped waiting for them to choose you? Aren’t you glad you chose yourself?”

18. “Dear self, I see you and I’m so proud of you. Keep it up! Love always, Me.” 

19. “I am unaffected by the judgements of others.” 

20. “Dear younger self, it’s wasn’t your fault, I love you.”

Crazy Funny Quotes

21. “I followed my heart and it led me to the fridge.” 

22. “I hate it when I turn on the car in the morning and the music starts blasting… It’s like woah, I’m not the same person I was list night.” 

23. “My dream job is no job at all.” 

24. “Just asked myself if I’m toxic, we said no.” 

25. “Her: Stop texting my baby daddy   Me: What’s the magic word?” 

26. “I get shy af when my man stares at me for too long because what if he’s realizing I’m actually alil ugly.” 

27. “The bags under my eyes are Prada.” 

28. “You ever looked at your co-workers and said this place just hire anybody.” 

29. “Ain’t chasing no nigga unless he got my phone thank you.” 

30. “I can give you butterflies or anger issues, it’s all on you baby.” 

31. “Normalize lying to people who ask you lots of questions about your personal life.” 

32. “I wish I was dumb, y’all look like y’all having fun.” 

33. “It’s crazy how many people try to talk to you again after on good picture.”

34. “You ever met the love of your life and then BOOM you meet another one.” 

35. “Niggas would buy a 2010 BMW over a 2021 Toyota just to say they’re driving foreign.”

36. “When y’all be posting “ugly where” sometimes I be seeing it.”

37. “My lunch break doesn’t start when I leave the office, it starts when I start eating my food.”

38. “Yesterday I was heartbroken, today I’m riding a fishbowl with another nigga”

39. “When he says he don’t text girls back but he replied to your fake account.”

40. “I’m afraid to go to therapy because what if they fix me and I lose my swag.”

Sassy Savage Quotes That Remind You Of Your Strength

41. “Wanna know why I win? Because even in my lowest places, I’ve lifted others up.”

42. “Look at you, you’re turning up everyday, giving it all you’ve got even though you’re exhausted. That’s really something.

43. “You only live once, make sure you’re happy.”

44. “The fact that you’re trying is proof that you’re strong.”

45. “Never make the mistake of assuming the person of peace is unskilled at war.”

46. “Sis, the struggle is temporary but quitting lasts forever.”

47. Strong women never give up. We might need a coffee, a cry or a day in bed, but we always come back stronger.”

48. ” I owe it to myself to be consistent. I owe it to myself to be disciplined. I owe it to myself to stay focused.”

49. “She’s a human with many roles and labels. Built with strength and filled with compassion.”

50. “Don’t forget your own power just because someone else doesn’t see it.”

51. “You’re gonna be happy said life, but first I’ll make you strong.”

52. “You are allowed to be both a master piece and a work in progress.”

53. “I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.”

54. “I love the woman I’ve become. I’ve fought hard to become her.”

55. “Everything that drowned me taught me how to swim.”

56. “Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game.” 

57. “Let’s be clear, I can bounce back from

58. “Heavy on self improvement right now, it’s really me vs me.”

59. “I’m not embarrassed by anything I’ve been through. It might be tea for you but it’s a testimony for me.”

60. “Everything I thought I couldn’t handle, I kept handling.”

Sassy Savage Relationship Quotes

61. “I’m not your free time or your second choice, prioritize me or leave me alone. “

62. “Whoever marries me, you won.”

63. “Heavy on the princess treatment or get out my face.”

64. “If I ever become an option, don’t choose me.”

65. “You ever met the love of your life and then BOOM you meet another one.”

66. “When your intentions are clear, you don’t lose anyone, they lose you.”

67. “Talking stage is dead. You like me? K let’s go on vacation we can talk there.”

68. “Single until actions match words and I’m appreciated.”

69. “Whoever I end up with gone love it here.”

70. “I’m not the type you’d forget, trust me.”

71. “None of my ex’s are married or are in happy relationships so it’s safe to say I wasn’t the problem.”

72. “My love language is when people’s words align with their actions.”

73. “Sweetheart, it’s okay to quit on a man who is not trying. You deserve effort.”

74. “If hurting me doesn’t hurt you, don’t ever tell me you love me.”

75. “I’m cool with waiting a little longer for what I really deserve, I know it’s already on its way.”

76. “Appreciate me when I’m trying because when I stop you gon feel it.”

77. “May he accidentally say my name when he’s talking to another girl.”

78. “Better off single with high standards than in a relationship settling for less.”

79. “You found someone to help you get over me and I got over you by finding myself. We are not the same.”

80. “Ofcourse you miss me. I wasn’t the problem.”

Bold Sassy Instagram Captions

81. “Catch me at the end of the rainbow.”

82. “Angels protect me, demons respect me.”

83. “I’m not a one in a million kind of girl. I’m a once in a lifetime kind of woman.”

84. “He loves it here and I see why.”

85. “I’m top tier and I don’t have to prove it.”

86. “My biggest flex is not having to flex. I do this ish for me not y’all.”

87. “IT girl energy.”

88. “What minding your damn business looks like.”

89. “Pretty for his image, good for his soul.”

90. “There’s what you’re used to, then there’s me.”

91. “Everytime you forget, Ima remind you.”

92. “Can’t compete where you can’t compare.”

93. “Out the way world. I’ve got my sassy pants on today.”

94. “Don’t come back after you realize I’m rare.”

95. “The only thing she can take from me is notes.”

96. “If you’ve been watching me… Keep watching the best parts comings.

97.” I’m gonna be your new favorite.”

98.” If magic doesn’t exist, how do you explain me.”

99. “Get you a me. I’m lit.”

100. “Can’t treat me regular, I don’t even treat myself like that.”

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